Mission Statement


Our Four Fold

Mission Statement

Parkersburg Bible College exists to train Christian leadership who will be influential in their church ministries and chosen careers. It is our desire to prepare individuals to make a difference in our changing society.

It is a firm conviction of the founders and staff of Parkersburg Bible College that the Bible is the inspired word of God. Therefore, the four objectives of Parkersburg Bible College are based upon and saturated with the word of God.

The first objective is to develop within the student a spiritual life and character that will magnify and manifest the Lord Jesus.

The second objective is to train ministerial students and church workers in the truth of God’s word. This school uses the 1611 King James translation of the Bible and endorses the Apostolic Doctrine. We firmly believe in the Monotheistic teaching of God’s word from Genesis to Revelation.

The third objective centers upon practical training. Parkersburg Bible College offers students the opportunity to quickly put into action skills achieved.

Fourthly, we at Parkersburg Bible College do all we can to motivate students to go on to higher education before entering into life’s demands. We assist them in locating a place to put their ministry into action.