Message From The President


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Thank you for your interest in pursuing a higher degree from Parkersburg Bible College.  We are honored that you have chosen us to help you further your education

Over the past several years, we have been blessed to have foreign students on campus.  This has given our students a new sense of outreach.  We have been blessed with students from Jamaica, Kenya, South America (Chile and British Guyana), Haiti, Canada, Bahamas and around the United States.

When you choose Parkersburg Bible College, you are putting the resources of a balanced curriculum to work for you.  We have put together a program that will fit into everyone’s study efforts – whether it is in the confines of your home, business office,  or overseas.

We offer the finest in academics.  Our course material will greatly enrich your knowledge of the Bible, which will in turn better prepare you for God’s work. Take advantage of all Parkersburg Bible College has to offer, whether it is History, Jewish Studies, Bible Science and much more.

Our staff look forward to the honor of serving you as you seek the best preparation available for your calling in life.

Just like many others have, we believe you will find it at Parkersburg Bible College.


Dr. Joe L. Nelson, Ph.D.